App Review: 123D Catch

Cost: Free
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Grade Levels: 7-12
iPad App Link

The 123D Catch app developed by Autodesk demonstrates exciting new possibilities for tablets and smart phones. Use your camera to take 20-30 photos of an object from various angles and 360 degrees around and the app generates a 3D model of the object. Models can be exported and emailed as .3dp format. Although the app has a simple interface it takes some practice to take effective photos for models, so it may try the patience of younger children.

This would be greater fun with access to a 3D printer to actually print your models, but even without that it can help to provide an outstanding orientation to the exciting new world of 3D imaging and modeling. Just a few years ago software with this type of functionality cost upwards of thousands of dollars and required high end hardware. Now you can have it in your pocket and free!


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