NJ Science Convention Presentation

NJ School Boards Association and NJ Science Convention

“Inspire Students with STEM Career Pathways: A Step-by-step Approach”


NJ School Board Association – So, You Want to Go Full STEAM Ahead?

NJ School Boards Association October 26, 2016 So, You Want to Go Full STEAM Ahead?


3D Printer An Instant Resource for Ingenious Ideas

When a MakerBot 3D printer arrived in the Technology Education department in Northern Valley Regional High School in January, senior Matt had an instant resource for a project he is working on in his Theory of Production class. Matt is working on a prototype for a device intended to help young children learn to write […]


MIT Media Lab: Where People Know How To Play

Flickr Photo by Sam Jacoby

Glass walls let the light in everywhere. What caught my eye was a series of small structures made of straws and tiny plastic connectors sitting on long white counters amid sleek computers monitors. Play, I thought…people here know how to play.

I had just walked into the M.I.T. Media […]


Engineers Decide

I wrote Engineers Decide because I want every young person to be able to envision himself or herself doing engineering. I know that most will not become engineers, but too many children never even see the possibility.

I originally wrote the book in 2008, which is about the time my oldest child was old enough […]


Khan Academy: Zero Meaning Plus Zero Motivation Equals Zero Learning

I fear that we’ve been seduced by the soothing voice and colorful telestrator technology at the highly popular Khan Academy website, which features thousands of videos on all topics math, science, economics, and others. I admit I do not understand the recent obsession with site, which has burst onto the educational and public scene over […]


The Ingenuity Series: Q&A with Richard Worzel

Last week, I posed a question to author and leading futurist Richard Worzel in a Facebook Q&A session sponsored by Canada’s The Mark News. Below is the excerpt from the conversation.

Janosz: What and how do we need to teach our young people to best prepare them for the future?

Worzel: Well, I can tell […]


Commentary On CNN's "Don't Fail Me: Education In America"

The CNN special report “Don’t Fail Me: Education In America” originally aired on CNN on May 15, 2011. The report chronicled three students and teams engaged in the FIRST Robotics Competition during the 2010-11 school year. Below are some of my thoughts on the documentary.

FIRST Let me clearly state that I am a strong […]


Teaching Tomorrow's Engineers Today

Everyone seems to know that one needs a solid background in math and science in order to be an engineer. Math and science are part of what I call a student’s “ingenuity toolkit” and professional engineers draw upon this knowledge every day in their professional life as they set out to design, create, invent, innovate, […]


Student Motivation and Envisioning Success

Johnny is entering the ninth grade in Springfield High School. Having been historically an “average” B-C student, mathematics has always been exceptionally challenging to him. During the past summer, his parents arranged for a personal tutor to do one session per week with him. Also wanting a fresh start of sorts in math going into […]