3D Printer An Instant Resource for Ingenious Ideas

When a MakerBot 3D printer arrived in the Technology Education department in Northern Valley Regional High School in January, senior Matt had an instant resource for a project he is working on in his Theory of Production class. Matt is working on a prototype for a device intended to help young children learn to write […]


The Electrical Grid

I thought my family had escaped the misfortune of losing power during Hurricane Irene until our power went out late in the afternoon on Sunday for about six hours. Even that moment I had started to ponder the technologies within our power grid system that were keeping it active for most and getting it back […]


ReCAPTCHA Challenge Response System

No doubt you’ve had to type something in response to something like this when you wanted to cast an online vote, buy some tickets, sign up for a new account, or take care of some other task in your online life:

Image via Donielle's flickr photostream

This is called a CAPTCHA and it is […]