Laser Cutters in Schools: Safety Tips

Laser cutters are great! These devices can easily cut flat materials including wood, cardboard, and acrylic for rapid prototyping and manufacturing. They can even inscribe or engrave those and more such as wood, metal, stone, and others.

The price of very capable laser cutting is still dropping way down, to the point that many models […]


Hallway Sitting Duty


To kick off a new blog category that I will use to post rants about education in general, I’ll focus on one of my pet peeves about schools, which is what I like to call “Hallway Sitting Duty.” Walk into any school and you will find various professionals that are made to sit in the […]


Genrikh Altshuller

Genrikh Altshuller was an engineer, inventor, scientist, journalist, and writer of science fiction and many books about inventing and innovation. He is best known as the creator of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving known by its Russian acronym TRIZ (pronounced ‘trees’). He founded the Azerbaijan Public Institute for Inventive Creation, and was the first […]