ReCAPTCHA Challenge Response System

No doubt you’ve had to type something in response to something like this when you wanted to cast an online vote, buy some tickets, sign up for a new account, or take care of some other task in your online life:

Image via Donielle's flickr photostream

This is called a CAPTCHA and it is […]


Real "American Idols"

Most Americans can name and recognize six American Idol television show winners before they could these six individuals:

Mark Zuckerberg

Sergey Brin

Larry Page

Steve Chen

Chad Hurley

Jawed Karim

What do these thirty-something men have in common? They invented the ways we are living our lives online. Zuckerberg founded Facebook, Brin and Page founded […]


William Kamkwamba

The first time I heard of William Kamkwamba was when he appeared on the Daily Show back in October 2009, shortly after his book The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind was published. To hear even a brief part of the story about how William had constructed a wind powered turbine in his village in Malawi […]