App Review: Crazy Gears

Cost: $0.99
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Age Levels: 6-8
App Link 

The Crazy Gears app for iPad and iPhone is just outstanding in its simplicity and its ability to introduce young children to simple machines and mechanical motion. Simple elements in gears, chains, connecting rods, racks, and pulleys can be pushed around the screen in such a way to meet the challenge to “pull the shade” to reveal the next puzzle. You can almost feel the torque on screen as kids learn that gears need to fit together, or mesh, just right to get the most out of them. Later puzzles help the player understand that there may be multiple ways of doing the same job. Even the youngest player can use their ingenuity to realize that a train of gears can be used to bridge a gap or to get the gear at the end of the line to turn in the direction needed. 

This is great fun for all ages and even those younger than the target age range of 6-8. Don’t miss the handbook in the grown-ups corner for some good materials for teachers and parents that explain some of the concepts and vocabulary. Leaving off one star because we want more puzzles! 


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